Spotlight: How exposure will keep you ahead of the pack

Life is a daring adventure, or nothing. The extent to which a person dares life depends on the depth of exposure they have had in the course of their life, because exposure defines what is possible and what is probable. Exposure informs the human mind of the untapped possibilities in his field of endeavour.

Nothing in the world pushes back the boundaries of impossibilities like exposure. Exposure is like a map that shows you how much territory is available out there for you to conquer. Apart from education, the other thing that a parent can give to a child is exposure.

Apart from all the knowledge you may have acquired over time in your life, the greatest favour you can do to yourself as a human being is to expose yourself to a vibrant world that epitomises multiple possibilities that exist out there in the universe.
I read somewhere that exposure and experience are all that counts in life. By the way, do you know that exposure is more powerful than formal education? This is because of the fact that exposure carries within itself so much educational value, but education may not necessary always give you exposure to the real stuff of life.

With time and age, I came to understand that behind every beautiful thing in the world, there is some sort of exposure. You name it. No greatness stands alone. Behind it silently stands exposure. No wall is too high for a human mind that has been exposed to a world of infinite possibilities.

At one point in his life, Bill Gates, for long the richest man in the world, admitted that exposure from a young age to the realities of the world is a super bigger.

If you are familiar with Bill Gates’ biography, you will understand that the reason he was such a genius from a very young age, the reason he was able to achieve at a very young age what people double his age could only dream of, was the fact that he was exposed to the computer world from a very young age.

This while his peers were busy pursuing traditional interests, those days when computer technology was something very new and very bizarre.

If you have read The Outliers by Gladwell Malcolm, you will understand exactly what I mean by this. From high school, Bill Gates got real-time exposure to computer technology when other kids were in the fields playing traditional children’s games. His early exposure to the computer set him aside from his peers and placed him above and ahead of his contemporaries. This is exactly what exposure does to us. It makes us different.

 We view the world from unfamiliar angles and believe in things that others cannot even afford to imagine. We see beyond and above reality. Whenever we face impossibility, we know at the back of our minds that somewhere, sometime, someone faced the same challenges and somehow managed to overcome them.

Exposure makes us confident in risky situations, for the simple reason that we know it is possible to take a big risk and survive, or make it to the other side. This is because precedents have been set by individuals who took even greater risks and eventually made it.

Exposure also opens our minds to a new world that we never thought existed. It makes an individual a possibility thinker.

Spotlight: How often do we interpret messages?

I may not know the meaning of the word ‘sorry’ but from others or the majority it may refer a  state of being regretful on an action.
‘Sorry ‘to some countries mean a totally different thing given that we either speak Mandarin, us English or British English.
‘Sorry’can be substituted with ‘apology’ depending on the context in which one is.
For those who have ever in the communication class may concur because according to the lectures of Media social Context, many of us perceive and encode the message differently through levels such as in the ;
      Reflective approach
In reflective approach, some may take the message the way it is and this may be done so according to the level of one’s social status.  I.e ‘Africans are monkeys’ someone somewhere might interprete the way it is by accepting so.

        Intentional approach
In the intention approach we tend to interpret the message giving or finding the intention of the message or speaker ,what she /he meant by saying ; ‘Africans are monkeys, in real sense when  they aren’t.

       Constructivist approach
An approach where the message is encoded and interpreted in a way that it fits it’s meaning without considering any abusive and distortion of any kind. Like finding the real meaning of Africans being referred to as monkeys.

Hope we be in a state of encoding and interpreting our communication well.
     Blessed week

Nairobi to experience water shortage due to the maintanance of inlets.


There will be shortage of water within Nairobi County according to Nairobi city and sewarage company.If you posses a tank like the one back on my right side,be on the alert. Residents have been asked to store water that will help them between Wednesday and Thursday when supply of the commodity to most parts of the city will be cut off.
The shortage is due to the maintenance works at Ng’ethu Water Treatment Plant inlets inorder enhance water production in the county.
The areas that will experiance the shortage include:
The entire City Centre,Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), EPZ- Athi river.
Areas along Mombasa road: South B, South C and the neighbourhoods.
The whole of Industrial Area.
Areas along Juja Road: Mlango Kubwa, whole of Mathare, Eastleigh Air force Base, Huruma, Kariobangi, Pangani , Eastleigh.
Areas along Jogoo Road: Maringo, Buru Buru and the surrounding estates, Bahati.
Areas along Outer-ring road: Baba Dogo, Dandora, Dandora KCC factory, Umoja , Donholm, Fedha, Tassia, Avenue park, Nyayo Embakasi.
Hope you get the message and please share it.
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Things you don’t know about Brown Ratemo.


He was born in Nyanchwa villge, Kisii county,Nyanza province.His father is an electrician and her mother is a housewife.
Brown attended Nyanchwa Primary School. For his secondary education, he studied at Gekano boys high school and later finished from Nyanchwa Adventist Secondary School in Kisii.He holds the diploma in Mass Communications awarded by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,Kenya’s oldest and largest public university.
He is currently pursuing his degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations.
Brown is a writer,journalist and public relations professional.Brown has written to kenyan newspapers, The standard newspaper,Nation newspaper and The Star newspaper.He owns a blog at

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Meet half-baked journalists in Kenya sleeping on jobs.


I have come to understand why most intellectuals dont believe or rather trust journalists.Presently,there are so many grammatic errors both in electronic, print and online media.I wonder if there are editors and anybody who oversees the final product of information that is set to be consumed by their readers and viewers.
For instance, in today’s Saturday Nation newspaper,under Philip Ochieng’s column on the Quoted segment, it reads, “Vice president William Rutu on Citizen TV on Tuesday night”.Hope you already spot the errors.If Mr Ruto was to look at the paper, he will sue the journalist/writer or talk ill of the media.
Journalists and writers need to be careful and pay attention to details and clarity.
I doubt if these journalists and writers are vetted or passed the journalistic code of conduct. They should know that they are the peoples eye or rather advocates and should be therefore be able to give independent, clear,objective and vetted ‘edited’ information to their consumers.

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Side effects of tattoos.


By Brown Ratemo

Doctors across the globe have claimed up to one in 10 people suffer health problems aftergetting a tattoo.
Experts claimed “getting inked” causes many people to suffer long term skin issues, leaving them in pain and enduring “emotional distress”.
In worst cases, people faced scar tissue build ups or nasty skin lesions which required the whole tattoo to be surgically removed.Other tattooed folk said the health effects were so bad they required laser surgery or a course of steroids to resolve the problems.Given the growing popularity of tattoos, physicians, public health officials, and consumers need to be aware of the risks involved.
The skin is a highly immune-sensitive organ, and the long-term consequencesof repeatedly testing thebody’s immune system with injected dyes and colored inks are poorly understood.
Tattoed victims experience short term complications occurring on their bodies, in up to 10% of the people who took part in tattoos ,experience delayed healing, pain, swelling, and infection within weeks of getting tattooed.
Most of the long term health effects happened in skin regions injected with black and red ink, which are the most commonly used colours. According to the survey conducted,Some 44% of long term reactions happened after red ink was used ina tattoo, whilst a third took place after red ink was injected into the skin.
About 6% of people suffered rashes, swellingor serious itching for more than four months after getting a tattoo – with many suffering for several years.
Hope you have been informed about the side effects of having a tattoo on your body.

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Electricity installation price cut to half.


Kenya Power has reduced its charges for new electricity connections by a half to Sh15,000 under the Government’s Last Mile Connectivity Project.President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement on Wednesdayin Machakos County, where he also revealed his government intends to have 70 per cent of the country connected to the national power grid by 2017.
This singular factor will effectively transform the lives of over 2.3 million Kenyans throughout the 47 counties, while at the same time catalysing economic development in all sectors,”he added.
In addition, poor Kenyans who still cannot afford the reduced cost of new electricity connections will  be allowed to pay in instalments through their electricity bills, said the Head of State who was hosted by Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto.President Kenyatta  also commissioned the National Schools Electrification Project. “Today I announce the cutting down of electricity installation from Ah.35,000 to Sh.15,000.
He said a total of 5,320 transformers (40,000 by 2017) will be distributed all over the country to roll out the project and urged Kenyans to take advantage of the project for economic enhancement.
This is a unique moment for all of us. This project is set to improve access to ICT, which will in turn lead to a myriad of opportunities for new creation of jobs and I encourage all Kenyans to make use of this momentous opportunity for social and economic transformation,” he said.
The President said the project, which is funded jointly by Japan International Cooperation Agency, World Bank, African Development Bank and Danish International Development Agency, is yet another clear indicator of the Government’s commitment to improve the living standards of all Kenyans, irrespective of their political stand.
Households that do not have internal wiring in their houses will be providedwith a ‘ready board’ by the Ministry of Energy that they would use to tap electricity. The ready board has switches, sockets and bulb holders to facilitate prompt connectivity.

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